We works closely with our clients to develop innovative projects in the areas of Internet of Things, Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, eGovernment, big data, access control and user identification technologies. Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Innovation management, business modelling and business development
  • Project management, proposal writing and dissemination of EU Projects (H2020)
  • Project, quality and risk management
  • Organisation of international conferences


IS-practices offers high-level consultancy services in the areas eGovernment, eParticipation, eHealth, eInclusion with the special focus on electronic identity, eSignatures, cloud solutions, smart city policies, smart mobility, open data, internet of things and geo-location technologies etc.

Our extensive track record includes multiple studies and surveys on the use of electronic identity, concepts in eGovernment, Smart Cities, Open Data etc.

Innovation management, business modelling and business development

We help our clients from to define their business development strategies, identify appropriate business models and pricing schemes, and to manage innovation within their organisations.

IS-practice is involved in the business development and innovation management of InnoConnect, a technology start-up providing Location Intelligence and big data analysis services, ECIM, a marketplace for smart mobility services, and of OpenTransportMap, a dynamic traffic volumes modelling service. We also regularly assist EU projects consortia to define appropriate sustainability strategies for their projects.

EU Projects: proposals writing & management

IS-practice benefits from its long experience in the EU (co-)funded projects to support its clients during the whole lifecycle of the EU projects. IS-practice offers deep knowledge of the EU policies in eGovernment, electronic identity, eSignatures, cloud solutions, Smart City & Smart Mobility, Open data, Internet of Things etc.

We provide an expert advice and support to develop our client’s innovative ideas and provide assistance in writing project proposals.  We use our pan-EU network to bring together partners with specific competences needed for proposals and framework contracts.

Once our proposals become winning projects, our services include the projects coordination and management, liaison with the European Commission, and administrative and financial management.

IS-practice recently formulated basic ideas and drafted proposals of multiple successful projects, such as bIoTope, PoliVisu, ECIM, OpenTransportNet, Citadel… on the Move, EPIC, SSEDIC, and MAGHRENOV.

Project, Quality & Risk Management

Is-practice builds on its 20+ years of experience in communication, IT, consultancy and project management to deliver top quality methodology and services in

  • International programme management
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management


Our services include organisation of international conferences & workshops and bringing together speakers from various competence areas.

Hugo Kerschot became a frequent speaker at international conferences related to the Information Society, EU Digital Agenda, Smart Cities, use of Open Data, deployment of the eID etc.

Hugo is the member of following panels and committees:


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