Successful project end for ECIM, smart mobility platform


ECIM, a CIP innovation project on Smart Mobility, officially ended on 30 June 2016. During the 30 months of the project, IS-practice and 13 other partners from five European countries worked collectively and in cooperation with other actors, such as mobility service providers, public authorities and cities.

On 13 July 2016 ECIM partners gathered in Brussels for the final project review and passed it with flying colours! The project officer and the
reviewers once again noted the excellent quality of the deliverables and great progress in the last period and were very positive in their evaluation of partners’ efforts that made ECIM’s 30-month journey a success.

smartmobility logo_v1.0Towards the end of its lifecycle ECIM resembled a truly multi-modal solution capable of addressing a number of important mobility needs of a contemporary city.

The outcome of this joint effort was the delivery of three main technical outputs: ECIM Marketplace (, ECIM mobility apps ( and ECIM Smart Mobility API specifications (

Several partners expressed strong interest in taking ECIM to the next level which includes but is not limited to the creation of a company focused on smart mobility. IS-practice is now the preparing the commercial launch of the ECIM platform and is talking with different partners to incorporate the ECIM ideas.

A short summary of ECIM project results has been just published

More information:


OTN now offers interesting datasets and services!
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OpenTransporNet geo-data project has now moved to the last 6 months of its duration. The new and improved OTN hub has been released and large amounts of open geo-data are now available on the hub to play around and to be combined in interesting maps.

OpenTransportNet also offers tools for advanced visualisations, such as the heatmap of the UK’s car accidents or traffic volumes in pilot regions.

OTN map tools also attract new cities to become a partner city of OTN. The OTN hub is currently being deployed for Ghent, Belgium and first talks have taken place with Riga, Latvia. OTN traffic engineers now prepare traffic volumes visualisation for Pilsen, Czechia. There will be major road closures in the city in the coming years and the OTN’s traffic visualisation will be used by city administration to communicate the traffic changes to the citizens in an interactive way via OTN.

Visit the OTN hub at

Check the latest OTN news at the project website:


ECODISTR-ICT sustainability strategy


IS-practice supports the ECODISTR-ICT project in defining its sustainability strategy. IS-practice used its expertise to analyse and evaluate the within the project developed  product (Integrated Decision Support System for district renovations, IDSS), to suggest business and pricing models, and to recommend a legal form to further exploit project results with the final goal to commercialise the product.


bIoTope, connecting sensor networks for Smart Cities

biotopeSince early this year, IS-Practice is involved in the bIoTope-project as project manager. It is a very ambitious project pertaining to the domain of IoT (Internet of Things), funded by the call Horizon 2020 for Research & Innovation and liaises with DG CNECT. The project started in January 2016 and has a duration of three years. The project has now been running for six months, with a Consortium consisting of 22 members and a budget of more than 9 million. These first 6 months showed a good cooperation between the partners resulting in some main achievements. One of the key outcomes during this period is the laying down of the main functional specifications for the bIoTope systems-of- systems (SoS) platform and the definition of a standardisation governance strategy.

What is at stake? bIoTope attempts to address the main challenges for any large city – such as efficient waste management, smart mobility, energy efficiency, smart parking guidance, among others – by developing smart city proofs-of-concept (pilots) implemented in four different cities, i.e. Helsinki, Grand Lyon, Brussels region and Saint Petersburg. The goal of the project is to create Systems of Systems (SoS) where information from cross-domain platforms, devices and other information sources can be accessed by using a standardised open APIs that enables horizontal interoperability between vertical “silos”. More information on the bIoTope website:

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Over the last few months, IS-practice was heavily involved in a number of Horizon 2020 proposals in the areas of open data, smart cities, security, privacy, and access control. Results are expected at the end of this year. The proposal effort for a European Commission (DG CONNECT) Framework contract “Monitoring of Public Sector Innovation” in a consortium lead by Capgemini ended successfully and at this moment we are preparing new methodologies of Public Sector Digital Services benchmarking for the years to come.

Regarding Horizon 2020, the newly established SME call objectives look very promising and IS-practice is developing interesting projects with several business entities.  If you like to know more about our service offerings regarding Horizon 2020 calls, please contact us ad


IS-practice at the Global Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, November 17-18, 2014

global-forumIn mid-November, Geneva will witness a major annual event on future digital policy, Global Forum. It is as an independent, high profile international think tank dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the evolution of the Information Society. Global Forum focuses on the future vision, strategy, business, policy issues, and civil society as catalysts for the development of various applications in the knowledge society.  Hugo Kerschot, member of the Global Forum Steering Committee, will moderate session S2: Content, Creation, Communication & Copyrights at the conference. Visit the Global Forum website for details on the program, speakers, and registration.


Projects currently running:  CITADEL, ECIM, MAGHRENOV & OTN

IS-practice is currently involved in four running CIP and FP7 projects: CITADEL, ECIM, MAGHRENOV, and OpenTransportNet.


citadelCitadel …on the move is coming to an end in January 2015. During the course of the project, the Consortium developed online tools, which facilitate the conversion of open data and in particular the subsequent, easy creation of an app that displays this data. Citadel makes it simple for cities to open and publish their data and has thus rendered available a wealth of data and useful apps to citizens throughout Europe. Try to create your own mobile app using Citadel tools or even compile open data yourself on the Citadel Open Data page!


ECIM_logo_v1.0European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM) was launched in January 2014 and has ever since made significant progress in its goal of the development of a state-of-the-art mobility solution. The first pilot in Brussels that brings multiple mobility services to the cloud (e.g. on-street and off-street parking, various POIs etc.) has been concluded successfully. In the upcoming Issy-les-Moulineaux pilot, the ECIM service will further integrate payment solutions and combine these to deliver a unique user experience. The World Mobile Congress held in February in Barcelona will be a test-bed for the third release of the ECIM mobility service.



MAGHRENOV (a knowledge exchange project between the EU and Maghreb countries in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) has been running for more then one year now. The project has initiated a trans-Mediterranean knowledge exchange via its recently established Knowledge Database as well as several events. The industry brokerage events and its study programmes in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency field are currently being prepared by the MAGHRENOV team.



OpenTransportNet (OTN) is an exciting new project designed to revolutionise the way transport related services are created across Europe.  By bringing together open geo-spatial data within City Data Hubs and enabling it to be viewed an re-used in new, easy to understand ways, OTN will make it easier for innovators to create new services and applications. The OpenTransportNet team is currently occupied with the deployment of the OTN platform and with combining multiple geo-data sources to deliver the first beta-version of its service. The Consortium supports an open innovation culture and as such would love to hear from anyone interested in supporting our aims in any way.

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Cloud Platform to Create Marketplace of the Future


Project partners from across Europe gathered in Brussels to launch a major new EU-funded project, ECIM – the European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility. ECIM is designed to help support smart, liveable and connected cities by fostering and bringing together state of the art transportation services that make it easier for people and goods to move between destinations as quickly, cheaply and greenly as possible.

ECIM is a €4,384,002 project which is co-funded under the European Commission’s Competitiveness and Innovation Programme 2007-2013. The project contains 14 partners, including a range of innovative SMEs in the mobility space such as BePark, CEN Group, and Mobile-For, from 6 countries – Belgium, the UK, France, Luxemburg, Greece and Spain

IS-Practice was a co-author to the proposal that built on our experience with the closed EPIC project. During the course of the project, we will assist the coordinator and have taken over responsibilities of the project management tasks.

FULL ECIM Press Release March 2014

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Flemish ICT Minister Geert Bourgeois and United Nations eGovernment Advisor Richard Kerby today awarded a ‘Global Entrepreneur Award’ on behalf of Citadel-on-the-Move and the Linked Organization of Local Authorities to William Colglazier, age 9, and Alexander Glidden, age 8, for their new mobile App @Me-on-the-Move.

The boys used guidelines created by Citadel-on-the-Move, an EU-funded project in the implementation of which IS-practice has been closely involved with, to help the public administrators they spoke with to understand what Open Data is all about, and how valuable it can be to their cities.  After weeks of going back and forth until they finally got the data they needed in the format they needed, the boys were then able to use the tools created by Citadel-on-the-Move to create a mobile App that combines data from York, Holyoke and Cape Town with data provided by Citadel partner cities Athens, Greece and Gent, Belgium.

Click here for the full press review

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Partners from six European Countries gathered in Antwerp this week to officially launch Open Transport Net (OTN) – a new European Commission funded project that aims to challenge the monopoly that large commercial vendors such as Google currently enjoy over geographic or geospatial data (GI). IS-practice will be responsible for the management of this project.

The increasing availability of open Geographic Information (GI) data presents a strong opportunity for European Private and Public stakeholders, especially SMEs, to extract extra value from OD due to the fact that a vast amount of information has direct or indirect spatial references that open up exiting new ways of interpreting it.  At present, however, the true innovative potential of GI data in Europe is hindered by the fact that access to GI data remains limited in many European countries.  These limitations mean many of the applications currently developed by non-GI experts are predominantly based on relatively easy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and accessible data sources from large private technology providers such as Google. As a result, Europe is confronted with a potential monopoly of a few large commercial vendors at the expense of its most valuable source of home grown innovation – its SMEs.

OTN hubs will combine spatial (GI), dynamic data streams (sensors and monitoring of mobile objects) and non-spatial (OD) data using techniques to derive insights from the data through visualisation tools and pattern detection algorithms. OTN Hubs will help to drive innovation by (a) improving the accuracy of data insights by enhancing knowledge with Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), and (b) deploying a sophisticated Access Control and Identity Management system (ACM).  A ‘data usage’ approach to structuring Hub content and services will enable visitors to the platform to be directed to the innovation tools that best suit their needs where they can then play with data mash-ups, share insights with the OTN community, post service needs, and create new business applications – all for free.

Click here for the complete press release

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