Over the last few months, IS-practice was heavily involved in a number of Horizon 2020 proposals in the areas of open data, smart cities, security, privacy, and access control. Results are expected at the end of this year. The proposal effort for a European Commission (DG CONNECT) Framework contract “Monitoring of Public Sector Innovation” in a consortium lead by Capgemini ended successfully and at this moment we are preparing new methodologies of Public Sector Digital Services benchmarking for the years to come.

Regarding Horizon 2020, the newly established SME call objectives look very promising and IS-practice is developing interesting projects with several business entities.  If you like to know more about our service offerings regarding Horizon 2020 calls, please contact us ad info@is-practice.eu.


IS-practice at the Global Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, November 17-18, 2014

global-forumIn mid-November, Geneva will witness a major annual event on future digital policy, Global Forum. It is as an independent, high profile international think tank dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the evolution of the Information Society. Global Forum focuses on the future vision, strategy, business, policy issues, and civil society as catalysts for the development of various applications in the knowledge society.  Hugo Kerschot, member of the Global Forum Steering Committee, will moderate session S2: Content, Creation, Communication & Copyrights at the conference. Visit the Global Forum website for details on the program, speakers, and registration.


Projects currently running:  CITADEL, ECIM, MAGHRENOV & OTN

IS-practice is currently involved in four running CIP and FP7 projects: CITADEL, ECIM, MAGHRENOV, and OpenTransportNet.


citadelCitadel …on the move is coming to an end in January 2015. During the course of the project, the Consortium developed online tools, which facilitate the conversion of open data and in particular the subsequent, easy creation of an app that displays this data. Citadel makes it simple for cities to open and publish their data and has thus rendered available a wealth of data and useful apps to citizens throughout Europe. Try to create your own mobile app using Citadel tools or even compile open data yourself on the Citadel Open Data page!


ECIM_logo_v1.0European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM) was launched in January 2014 and has ever since made significant progress in its goal of the development of a state-of-the-art mobility solution. The first pilot in Brussels that brings multiple mobility services to the cloud (e.g. on-street and off-street parking, various POIs etc.) has been concluded successfully. In the upcoming Issy-les-Moulineaux pilot, the ECIM service will further integrate payment solutions and combine these to deliver a unique user experience. The World Mobile Congress held in February in Barcelona will be a test-bed for the third release of the ECIM mobility service.



MAGHRENOV (a knowledge exchange project between the EU and Maghreb countries in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) has been running for more then one year now. The project has initiated a trans-Mediterranean knowledge exchange via its recently established Knowledge Database as well as several events. The industry brokerage events and its study programmes in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency field are currently being prepared by the MAGHRENOV team.



OpenTransportNet (OTN) is an exciting new project designed to revolutionise the way transport related services are created across Europe.  By bringing together open geo-spatial data within City Data Hubs and enabling it to be viewed an re-used in new, easy to understand ways, OTN will make it easier for innovators to create new services and applications. The OpenTransportNet team is currently occupied with the deployment of the OTN platform and with combining multiple geo-data sources to deliver the first beta-version of its service. The Consortium supports an open innovation culture and as such would love to hear from anyone interested in supporting our aims in any way.